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Privacy Policy determines the way the website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”), is administered and how the company that owns Website ((hereinafter referred to as “Company”), uses your personal information and how the work of Website is arranged in this respect.

If you use Website that means that you give consent to terms that are mentioned in Privacy Policy. The terms of Privacy Policy can be changed. Make sure that you are informed about the details as you use the service of Company.

Website is administered in compliance with the laws of the country.

Registration on Website is accompanied with procedure when you have to enter basic information about yourself. We do everything to make this data protected. It is not allowed to let the third party know about it. Our subscribers feel free to leave their data and can unsubscribe from our messages at any time. It is secure to be our customer as your rights to privacy are respected.

Personal information of any user is protected with technical means that were introduced to make our customers feel safe.

If you are registered that means that you agree to use Website on terms mentioned in the Privacy Policy and Terms.

Gathering of Data

Company collects personal information and stores it on the servers with guarantee that it is not going to disclose it to some other party. When Company collaborates with affiliates, party companies, its divisions and subsidiary companies, it is not responsible for any activity done by them.

Company gathers name of the client, contact information, address, place of work, credit card data and SSN. The information is collected by means of application form you can see on Website, where users enter the required data in special fields. This personal identifiable information is carefully protected and Company performs it with SSL technology of encryption.

Sometimes third parties gather the information for Company. In addition to information mentioned above users have to answer additional questions on working place, occupation and size of income.

If you do not want to get some letters from the company you can click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page in the email messages that come from time to time.

We also gather technical data as you use Website. Cookies let us track the time when you come to Website, how long you stay on Website and what pages you visit. With help of this information we are able to achieve the marketing goals.

When cookies are used by our users they can take advantage of the services presented on Website fully. When you disable the cookies you can’t have the same convenience. If you want to have service with full functionality at your disposal then you will have to use cookies.

We can also gather IP information and use beacons. All this is done to make marketing more effective and to make Website answer the requirements of our customers.

We do not collect information from children. When person is under 18 the use of service is not allowed. If we notice that some user filled in the application and the age is under 18 we remove all data at once. This is done to protect the interests of children.

Providing security

It is not allowed to use private information for purposes other than defined in the Privacy Policy. But illegal access can still undermine your safety therefore you should also take measures to protect its safety. Good antivirus software will help you to protect your account. Use of complicated password can also contribute to your security.

We never unveil personal information but we may be compelled to do it on receipt of subpoena from legal bodies.